1.31.10 – Another Open Water Class Ends

open water classHello everyone!

Sunday January 31st finds Instructor Doug out on Scubatyme III with my Open Water class students Tim, Heather, Ron and Theresa, doing their last two OW Checkout dives. After getting beat up at the beach and surviving 60 degree water at Tigertail Lake on Saturday, my students were really looking forward to a great day of boat diving. And the weather cooperated (although it was cloudy) with flat seas, 50 ft of visibility and 72 degree water temps. Captain Dave and Divemaster Amanda got us underway and out to our dive sites with their usual great skill, and we all got ready to jump in.

Our first dive site was the “Ancient Mariner”, a former floating restaurant which is now part of our artificial reef program. We follow the descent line down to the wreck and, after a final gear check, we begin our tour of the site. I point out various things for the students to look at while I am secretly monitoring their buoyancy and buddy skills, and we get to view the whole wreck before it is time to head back to the ascent line, our safety stop, and finally the boat.

After changing out our gear and listening to me give the briefing on the drift dive, we jump in again and head for our second dive site, Lighthouse Ledge. We get down to the reef and without any current to assist us, begin a lazy drift dive and see what we can see. Lots of Grunts, Angel Fish, Parrot Fish and Blue Chromis, as well as a pretty big Lobster (the only one we saw). The students were thrilled with all the fish and really enjoyed their dive. Once we reach our end of dive pressure, it’s time to do our free ascent back to our safety stop depth, then finally the surface and back on the boat.

So another Open Water class comes to a successful end. Congratulations to Tim, Heather, Ron and Theresa.


I hope I see you on a dive boat real soon!!

Instructor Doug

What about you? Looking to get certified or know a friend or co-worker who is interested? Call me at 954.296.6449 and I will set everything up and get you certified in 2 weeks or less!

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