11.25.09 – New Open Water Diver

Hello everyone.

On Wednesday, November 25th I had the opportunity to take my Open Water student Niraj out on Scubatyme ChartersScubatyme III for his final open water checkout dives. The day started out kind of rainy and gray as we headed away from the dock towards our 2 dive sites for the day, “Sunkist Reef” and “Turtle Ledge”. I supervised Niraj as he set up his gear and then we had a briefing on boat and dive procedures for the day.

Once we arrived at our first dive site, we geared up and made our way to the dive platform. Captain Bob and Divemaster Amanda got us in position over the reef and we jumped in and headed for the bottom. Once we were established underwater, we began our tour of the reef. I was monitoring Niraj for his neutral buoyancy and buddy skills as well as his underwater communications abillity. Niraj discovered a Spotted Eel and shortly after that I found a Golden Eel. The dive went smoothly and we began our ascent to our safety stop and ultimately back to the boat.

Dive 2 went smoothly as well. Once again after establishing buoyancy over the reef, we began our tour. At this point the sun decided to come out and the colors on the reef really started to pop out. Niraj and I looked for more eels (but didn’t find any) as well as Lobsters (again no luck), but we did see lots of French Angels, Blue Chromis, Grunts and Squirrelfish.

It was a great day overall and Niraj did very well on all his dive skills. He will be a great diver and I look forward to diving with him someday!


Instructor Doug

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