11.29.09 – New Open Water Divers

open waterHello everyone.

Sunday, November 29th I had 2 Open Water students, DJ and Justin, doing their final open water checkout dives and Dan, who was doing his Photography Specialty aboard Scubatyme ChartersScubatyme III, heading out to dive on the “Sea Emperor” and “Turtle Ledge”. Seas were calm and the sun was about to break through the gray skies any minute as we made our way to the first of the 2 dive sites – the “Sea Emperor”.

After Divemaster Amanda tied us off to the wreck, my students and I jumped in and headed for the wreck. After finding a nice area to do their skills, I ran DJ and Justin through their paces while Dan was circling around doing his photography requirements. After skills were done, we took a little time to swim around the wreck and try to find some of the usual residents. We DID manage to find one small Green Moray in a channel on the wreck’s hull and I let the students get their eyes full for a bit. Continuing on with our tour of the hull, I pointed out various things for them to look at and, all too soon, we have to head back for the ascent line, but not before stopping to see the Green Moray again and saying goodbye! Then it’s off to our safety stop and ultimately back on the boat.

Dive #2 was on Turtle Ledge, a very pretty reef in the 3rd reef line here. This time we’re drift diving, so we all drop together as a group and free-descend to the bottom. We all establish our neutral buoyancy and start drifting with the current along the reef. We encountered a couple of Lobsters, some beautiful Queen Angels, and tons of Blue Chromis. Right at the start of this dive, the sun finally broke through the clouds and really made the colors on the reef pop. A very relaxing dive and over too soon as well.

Congrats to DJ (Junior Open Water Diver), Justin (Open Water Scuba Diver) and Dan (Photography Specialty) for completing their certifications. See you all on a boat real soon!


Instructor Doug

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