12.10.09 – Open Water Class Checkout dives

open water classHello everyone.

On Thursday, December 10 I had the opportunity to take Louise and Sean out for Louise’s final 2 open water class checkout dives. Seems the seas were kinda rough in the Keys during the prior weekend and all of the dives could not be completed. Sean and Louise contacted me since they were going to be in my area and I set up a boat trip so we could complete the missing skill requirements. Parrot Island Scuba was very accommodating in setting up a trip to the “Sea Emperor” and “Horseshoe Reef”for us, and the day turned out really nice for diving.

Dropping down on the “Sea Emperor”, we were almost immediately greeted by one of the resident Stingrays. I had Louise and Sean watch as I petted the stingray for a while, then we moved off to an area to do some skill work. After our skill work for this dive was complete, I took them for a little tour around the deck/hull of the wreck, showed them the pile of concrete conduits nearby and let them peek inside the wreck. We also encountered one of the resident Green Morays who let me get up-close to say hello while Louise and Sean watched. Then it was time to head for our safety stop and eventually the boat.

Dive #2 found us on “Horseshoe Reef” where Louise still had a couple of skills left to do. We dropped down near the reef and located a sandy bottom to do the skill work. We were joined on this dive by two friends of Louise and Sean, Martin and Steph, so once we got the required skill work done, I became a dive guide for the rest of the dive, showing everyone various fish and corals and just drifting along with the current. Then it’s safety stop time again and back to the boat.

Louise and Sean will be great divers and I’m glad they got to experience some of the good diving opportunities here in South Florida!

Instructor Doug

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