2.17.10 – Open Water Referral Students

Hello everyone.

Wednesday, February 17th finds Instructor Doug out on Commercial Blvd beach with 2 open water referral students, Peter and Lindsay, doing their first 2 open water checkout dives. It was a bright sunny day with calm seas and water temps hovering around 70 degrees. After a briefing on the dive site and the skills we would be doing, I take Peter and Lindsay out to our designated dive spot and we descend to a nice sandy area on the bottom to do our skills. I run them both through that dive’s required skills (mask remove/replace, regulator recovery, neutral buoyancy, compass navigation and alternate air ascent) and they performed flawlessly. We had a little “free” time at the end of the dive, so I took them on a brief tour of the nearby reef to give them a taste of the boat dives we would be doing tomorrow.

Back on the beach, we switch out our tanks and I give Peter and Lindsay another briefing on our next dive, and we head out again for our dive site to finish off their required skills (gear remove/replace, knife communications, CESA) and we got to take another tour of the reef (in a different direction this time!). We found golf balls, a puffer fish and a big ship anchor that had been placed on the bottom by the local city as part of a “snorkel trail”. Then it was back to the beach to break down gear and get cleaned up before heading to the dive shop to do log books and get ready for tomorrow’s boat dives.

A great day of diving with students!

Instructor Doug

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