2.18.10 – Open Water Referral Students – Boat Dives

Hello everyone.

After a successful day of beach dives yesterday with open water referral students Peter and Lindsay, today we are aboard South Florida Diving Headquarters“Aqua View” heading out for the final 2 required open water dives. The day is chilly, but the sun is out and the seas are calm. I get Peter and Lindsay aboard the boat and starting to set up their dive gear and give them a dive briefing before we head out. Captain Shane and Divemaster Bjorn get us out to our first dive site “Lighthouse Ledge” in quick order and we prepare to get in the water. After jumping in, we head to the bottom and follow the current along the reef, checking out all the fish and animal life along the way. I am watching my students to check out their buddy, kicking and neutral buoyancy skills. Before long, I get the pre-arranged “end of dive” signal from one of them and we begin our ascent to our safety stop and then the dive boat.

Back on the boat, we talk about what we saw, how their skills went and what we were going to work on for the next dive. After switching out our tanks, it was time to get back in the water at out next dive site – a reef called “The Sanctuary”. We drop down and begin drifting with the current and checking out the life on the reef. At one point, I came across a lobster net and a tickle stick that had been dropped by someone – quite a while ago based on the growth attached to it. I picked it up anyway, and less than 5 minutes later came across a Lobster sitting on the reef just asking to be caught. My students watched as I took a couple of tries to catch it, and then we headed for our safety stop before heading up to the boat.

I made two new friends over the course of the last 2 days and they had some great experiences to tell their friends!


We had a great day of diving here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

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