2.23.10 – Private Open Water Pool Session

Hello everyone.

Tuesday, February 23 finds Instructor Doug at the Pompano Aquatic Center for a private Open Water pool session with my student, Josephina. We pretty much have the pool to ourselves as I give her a briefing on the pool and what we are going to accomplish in this session. After going over assembling the SCUBA unit and doing her swim test, we get into the pool to begin SCUBA skills. I teach her how to clear her regulator and mask, how to achieve neutral buoyancy, how to take her gear off on the surface and underwater, the proper method for putting on her fins using her buddy, and much more. She was a very smart student, at times even telling me how to do some of the skills! I have no doubt that she will make a great Open Water SCUBA Diver once this class is finished.

More fun teaching in the pool,

Instructor Doug

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