2.24.10 – Open Water Pool Session #1

Hello everyone.

Wednesday, February 24 marks the beginning of my next Open Water pool class at the Pompano Aquatic Center. Tonight I have 4 students who are taking their first steps into the world of SCUBA. Lance, Felipe, Karen and Jim arrive all eager to get started (a couple of them already had their wetsuits on!) and, after getting everyone’s gear organized on the pool deck, I give them all a briefing on the pool site and the skills we will be covering. After going over gear assembly with them, it’s time for their swim tests. Upon completion of the swim tests, we get into the pool and I show them how to assist their buddies with donning gear and how to do buddy checks. Then we begin the skill session, and I show them the basic skills of clearing their masks and regulators, finding a lost regulator, neutral buoyancy, alternate air ascents, etc. Everyone did well (a few skills needed a little coaching) and the time just flew by! I showed the students how to do a ladder exit (as if climbing into a boat) and then how to break down and clean their gear. After a de-briefing of the night’s activities and feedback on their skills, we talked about the next pool session and our upcoming beach and boat dives.

Another fun open water pool session completed!

Instructor Doug

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