2.25.10 – Private Open Water Referral Student

Hello everyone.

Thursday, February 25th finds Instructor Doug once again at Commercial Blvd. beach with Rochelle, a private open water referral student from NYC, doing her first 2 open water checkout dives. A chilly, windy but sunny day, the ocean is calm and looks very inviting. After giving Rochelle a briefing about the beach and what skills we are working on today, we get geared up and head out to our dive site. I run her through that dive’s required skills, and we then get to take a little tour of the nearby reef. She was very happy with all the fish we saw, and I found the cannons that were placed on the bottom as part of the “snorkel trail”. We head back to the beach and get our gear switched over and, after a briefing on our next dive, we head back into the water and our dive site. Once again I run Rochelle through all of her required skills, and we get to tour another section of the reef this time. Lots more fish and a few sea urchins later, it’s time to start heading back for the beach. On the beach, I show Rochelle how to break down the gear and properly clean it, then we head back to the dive shop to do our logbooks and talk about tomorrow’s boat dives.

Another successful beach dive day here in Paradise!

Instructor Doug

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