2.26.10 – Open Water Boat Dives – Referral Students

Hello everyone.

Friday, February 26th finds Instructor Doug, Rochelle, Eddie and Ralph (2 more referral students from NYC) aboard Scubatyme Charters“Scubatyme III” heading out to do a couple of drift dives. These will be Rochelle’s last 2 checkout dives, and Eddie and Ralph’s first 2 checkout dives. I get everyone organized aboard the boat and have them begin setting up their gear. Captain Dave and Divemaster Enzo get us out to our first dive site, “Sunkist Reef”, and after a dive briefing by me, we get into the water to start our drift dive. The sun had just come out as we were reaching the bottom, and the reef was out in all it’s glory. Lots of fish, a couple of stingrays and lobsters as we drifted along with the current. I am monitoring everyone’s buddy, neutral buoyancy and kicking skills as we drift along checking everything out. When one of the students gives me the pre-arranged “end of dive” signal, I get everyone together and we head up to our safety stop and, ultimately the dive boat.

Back on the boat, we talk about what we saw and I go over what we are doing for our next dive. I get everyone started on switching out dive gear and Captain Dave takes us to our next dive site, “Lighthouse Ledge”. We jump in and begin heading down to the reef to start our drift dive. A lot more schools of fish this time around and, with very little current to contend with, we are able to take out time checking out the reef. One lobster was out, a spotted eel, and a couple of pufferfish as well. Once again I get the “end of dive” signal from one of the students and we start heading up to our safety stop and then the dive boat.

Congratulations to Rochelle for completing her Open Water certification. Well done!


Teaching away here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

So when are YOU going to take the step and begin YOUR Open Water certification? Classes are forming regularly, and private classes are also available! Call me at 954.296.6449 to reserve your spot today!!

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