2.27.10 – Open Water Beach Dives

Hello everyone.

Saturday, February 27th finds Instructor Doug out on the beach with my Open Water beach dive students Felipe, Lance, Josefina, Drew, Karen, Jim, Eddie and Ralph. Some of the students are just starting their Open Water experience, and some are finishing up today. Weather was great and the ocean was calm but chilly as I get everyone organized and setting up their gear. After a briefing of the dive site and our first dive, we head out as a group to the dive site and proceed to the bottom to begin our skill session. I run everyone through this dive’s required skills, and we head back to shore to switch over tanks and get some water and snacks before jumping back in. On the way back to shore I saw a dark spot moving through the water near the beach and went over to investigate, nearly running into a manatee! It heard us splashing around as we were trying to get out and took off swimming quickly away. Very cool!

After switching out our tanks and resting a bit, we head back into the water for our next open water beach dive and drop down to our dive site to finish out our required skills. We get time to take a little tour of the reef nearby and give some of the students a taste of what they can expect for tomorrow’s dives, then head back to shore (no manatees this time). After showing everyone how to properly break down and clean their gear, we head back to the dive shop to fill out log books and talk about tomorrow’s dives.

Congratulations to Eddie and Ralph for completing their required dives and receiving their certification! Keep diving guys!

Playing at the beach here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

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