3.14.10 – Another Open Water Class is Done!

open water classHello everyone.

Sunday March 14th marked the end of another Open Water class as my 4 students Trevor, Patrick, Ryan, Kim and myself all boarded Scubatyme Charters“Scubatyme III” for a wreck and reef dive combo. Captain Dave and the ever-popular Divemaster Amanda get all our tanks and gear aboard and head us on our way to our dives. All of the pool classes and beach dives have gotten us to this point, and my students have been working hard all week, so I am going to show them the “fun” side of diving today!

Dive #1 was on the “Ancient Mariner”, part of the artificial reef program here in South Florida. Sitting in @70fsw, the deck sits at @60fsw and the top of the wheelhouse is @45fsw. Upon arriving on the wreck and, after a final gear check, we take a tour of the wreck and I point out various things for my students to look at. There were Barracuda in the wheelhouse, Blue Parrotfish swimming just off the deck, and lots of Grunts. There was a small south current and I showed the students how to use the wreck to block the current so they wouldn’t have to work so hard. After our tour was complete we headed for the ascent line, our safety stop, and finally the dive boat.

Back on deck, everyone was chattering about what they saw and how cool the wreck was, and I got them started on switching out tanks for our next dive. Dive #2 was a drift dive on “Turtle Ledge”. Once in the water, we dropped as a group to the reef and began our drift with the current. We zig-zagged over the reef checking out the Angelfish, Squirrelfish, Parrotfish and Blue Chromis, then we saw a HUGE Channel Crab having a snack on something. We only saw one Lobster the whole dive, but it was pretty big as well. All too soon our dive is over, and we head up to our safety stop and then get back on the boat.

Two really cool dives with very excited students. Although the air temp was a little chilly, we all had a great time and my students (now they can be called divers!) are anxious to go diving again! Congratz to everyone for finishing and hope to see you on a dive boat real soon!


Having lots of fun here in Paradise,
Instructor Doug

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