3.26.10 – Open Water Referral Dives

referral divesHello everyone!

Friday March 26th finds Instructor Doug and his Open Water referral student, Todd, out aboard Scubatyme Charters“Scubatyme III” to do a couple of Open Water checkout dives. We are also joined by one of my previous students, Lance, who is tagging along for the dive experience. It’s a beautiful day weather-wise with sunny skies and flat-calm seas as Captain Bob and Divemaster Enzo head us out the Hillsboro Inlet to our dive sites for the day.

In no time at all, Captain Bob has us out to our first dive site, the “Sea Emperor”, a favorite dive site of mine with lots of animals that divers can interact with. Todd and I jump in and head down the wreck line to the bottom, then begin a little tour of the area. Almost immediately, I find one of the two resident Green Moray eels on top of the wreck and head over to play with it while Todd takes pictures. He couldn’t believe that I got “nose-to-nose” with the eel! We swam around a bit more checking out the wreck, then headed back over to the ascent line to start our ascent to the surface. At this point, one of the resident Southern Stingrays comes over to play with us a bit before heading off into the blue. It was a great experience for Todd and he couldn’t stop talking about it while we changed over our gear for the next dive!

Dive site #2 was on a reef called “Lighthouse Ledge”, and almost immediately after we dropped down to the reef we encountered a large Sea Turtle! This is the time of year they start to come to shore to lay eggs, so it’s common during this period to see turtles on their way to shore, or coming back from laying eggs. This turtle didn’t seem to mind us being around, so Todd handed me his camera and had me shoot some photos for him. After the turtle encounter, we continued traveling down the reef and came across another Green Moray under a ledge and later a pretty good-sized Lobster. By then our time was up and we began our ascent to our safety stop and, ultimately, the boat.


A good day of diving with students and friends here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

HEY! When are you gonna let me take YOU out to the reef and see Turtles and Green Morays and Lobsters? All you have to do is give me a call and get into my next class (if you’re not already certified), or have me escort you on a dive as a guide (if you’re already certified).

My next Open Water class starts March 31st, so call me today at 954.296.6449 to get started on YOUR next dive adventure!

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