3.28.10 – Open Water Class Completed

open water classHello everyone!

Sunday March 28th finds Instructor Doug along with his Open Water class students aboard Scubatyme Charters“SCUBATYME III” for their last 2 checkout dives. If all goes well today, they will end up as certified divers. Mother Nature is doing her best to thwart us though, with lots of wind and 3-6ft seas. It’s gonna be a “sporty” day for sure. Captain Dave, Divemaster Amanda, and Divemaster Enzo are getting us all aboard and underway to our dive sites for the day. I get busy getting my students to get their gear set up and do their buddy checks, and give them all a briefing on the drift diving procedures we will be using today.

After a somewhat bouncy ride out of the Inlet, we arrive at our first dive site, “TURTLE LEDGE”, and begin our descent to the reef below. We take a nice ride on the current, checking out the reef as we go along. Visibility was a bit short today, so it was easy to miss things, but the students all enjoyed the schools of Squirrelfish, Grunts, Blue Chromis and the one and only Lobster of the day. Soon after that, it is time to end the dive and begin our ascent to our safety stop, and then the boat. Conditions on the boat made it necessary for everyone to remove their fins on the tagline and get pulled over to the boat ladder, and all the students pulled it off without a hitch! They were even complimented on their training by one of the other Instructors on the boat!

After switching over our gear and waiting for our surface interval to be over, it’s time to jump in at our next dive site, “LIGHTHOUSE LEDGE”. The sun is trying to make an appearance at this point, so I’m hoping for better visibility and colors for the students to see. Unfortunately, not much sunlight made it down to the reef, but there were still some colors to see and we even saw an 8ft Nurse Shark resting under the reef ledge. THAT got everyone excited for sure! As we traveled further down the reef, I am watching my students checking things out and seemingly getting more relaxed with their equipment. All too soon, it’s time for our ascents to our safety stop and back to the boat.

I am VERY proud of all my students today. They endured some really “Sporty” conditions today and proved to me they had what it takes to be a safe diver. They definitely earned their certifications! Congratz to all of you!


Teaching the days away here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

DON’T FORGET! My next Open Water Class starts on March 31st. It’s not too late to sign up and start YOUR dive adventure! Call me today at 954.296.6449

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