4.1.10 – Open Water Referral Student

open water referralHello everyone.

On April 1st I finished an Open Water Referral student’s checkout dives. Nish was down from NY to finish up his certification and we were aboard Scubatyme Charters‘ “Scubatyme III” heading out to a couple of great dive sites. Captain Bob and DM Enzo were aboard to help get our gear loaded and underway. It was a beautiful day with calm seas and warm temps.

Our first dive site was the wreck of “The Ancient Mariner”. After Nish and I got geared up, we headed down the wreck line and began to explore the wreck. The usual cast of characters were present: a Burrfish, a couple of Scorpionfish, a Barracuda in the wheelhouse, an Arrow Crab and lots of Midnight Parrotfish. After our tour of the wreck is done, we head back to the ascent line and safety stop, and then back aboard the boat. We talk a bit about what we saw, switch out tanks and I give Nish some feedback on his performance to this point.

After our surface interval is up, we find ourselves at our next dive site, a reef called “Abby Too”. The reef put on her best show today with massive schools of Grunts, Squirrelfish, more Burrfish, Angelfish and a couple more Scorpionfish. It was a nice drift along the reef and very relaxing as well! All too soon it seems, we have to start our ascent for our safety stop and get back on the boat. It was a great day of diving and my student, Nish, was very thrilled with the experience.


Doing what I do best here in Paradise,
Instructor Doug

So will I be seeing YOU in one of my classes sometime soon? Give me a call today at 954.296.6449 and let me get you started on the road to scuba certification!

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