4.11.10 – Open Water Class completed

open water classHello everyone.

Sunday, April 11th marked the end of another successful Open Water Class for Instructor Doug. My students and I are aboard Scubatyme Charters“Scubatyme III” once again, heading out to do a shallow wreck and a reef. This time we are joined by Carl, an Advanced Open Water student doing his last 2 checkout dives as well. It’s a somewhat overcast but warm day as Captain Dave and Divemaster Amanda get our gear onboard and start heading out to our dive sites.

After briefing the students on their responsibilities for today, we get our gear set up and get ready to get in. The first dive site is going to be a favorite of mine, “The Sea Emperor” and I can’t wait to get there. I have shot many hours of beautiful video on this wreck and know all the resident critters very well. After we arrive, we’re ready to jump in and head down the descent line to the wreck. Almost as soon as I get everyone settled for their skill session, a couple of students are frantically pointing behind me at something. I turn around to see a 7ft-long Manta Ray slowly swimming past the wreck! It was AMAZING and only the 2nd one I have ever seen (ironically the other one was on MY open water checkout dives many years ago). Well, not much else I could show them after that, but we toured the wreck and reef anyway, then headed back to the line for our safety stop and return to the surface.

After gear changeover and our surface interval, we arrive at “Lighthouse Ledge” for our second dive of the day. The students and I drop in and begin our descent to the bottom. We determine the direction of the current and let it push us along, looking for cool stuff along the way. We saw a couple of Lobster, lots of Blue Chromis, Grunts, Squirrelfish and Angelfish, and we kept zig-zagging across the reef checking out the view. It was nice that the sun came out while we were down, so the colors were really popping. Soon the end of dive signal is given and we begin our ascent to our safety stop and ultimately the boat.

The guys and gals did a great job today and I was very proud of how far they had come since our first pool session. Congratz to you all!!


Having a blast teaching here in Paradise,
Instructor Doug

So when are YOU going to join in one of my classses and get to witness the underwater world for yourself? I will be starting a new class soon and would love to see you in it! Give me a call today at 954.296.6449 and I can get you started!!

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