4.16.10 – Open Water Referral Student

open water referralHello everyone!

On April 16th I finished up an Open Water Referral student from NJ. Frank was in town to get his checkout dives completed before heading back north, so we got two days of diving in to finish his certification requirements. On Thursday, April 15th we went to Tigertail Lake due to beach conditions being miserable. We got in for Frank’s first 2 dives and ran through all the skills he had been previously taught in the pool. Conditions in the lake were pretty good for a change, so after the skill sessions were done, we went swimming around and looked for the status of Venus de Milo, the radio tower and the sunken sailboat. Then it’s back to shore to break down and clean gear, and off to the dive shop.

On Friday, Frank and I are aboard Scubatyme Charters“Scubatyme III” heading out for Frank’s final two checkout dives. It’s a bit “sporty” on the surface today with seas running 3-5ft, but the sun is out and visibility looks good. Captain Bob and Divemaster Enzo get us out to our first dive site – “Turtle Ledge” – and Frank and I jump in to begin our descent to the bottom. Once at the bottom, we establish current direction and begin our drift along the reef. I point out a few things to Frank and generally watch him as he is diving to see if his kick, trim and buoyancy are good. Then we head up to do our safety stop and get back on the boat.

After our surface interval and gear changeover, we arrive at our second dive site – “Lighthouse Ledge” – and jump in for our second drift dive of the day. The sun was out in full blast at this point, so the reef was putting on a good color show for us. A nice easy, relaxing dive with tons of fish to see. Soon our bottom time is up and we have to head up for safety stops and to get back on the boat. Our total “critter” sightings for the day consisted of 2 large Lobster and a large Channel Crab, along with the usual cast of fish characters: Grunts, Blue Chromis, Squirrelfish, Parrotfish and Angelfish.

Congratz to Frank for completing his certification! Hope to see you on a dive boat sometime soon.


Having FUN teaching here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

** YOU TOO can come to Florida and get certified just like Frank. If you have a referral from your current instructor, give me a call and I can get you set up to finish your class here in warm,sunny Florida. Call 954.296.6449 today! **

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