4.4.10 – Open Water & Advanced Open Water Class completed

advanced open water title=Hello everyone.

On Sunday, April 4th I finished up a class composed of both Open Water and Advanced Open Water students from Scuba Network. We did a total of 6 dives for the Advanced students and 5 dives for the Open Water students. We were out on Deerfield Beach for a couple of dives, then we were out once again aboard Scubatyme Charters“Scubatyme III” for the remaining dives.

Dive locations were: Deerfield Beach (2 dives), “Shark Ledge”, “Turtle Ledge”, a night dive on “The Ancient Mariner” and a night dive on “Lighthouse Ledge”. The fish and animal sightings varied, but we managed to see: Grunts, Barracuda, Sea Hares, Midnight Parrotfish, a Nurse Shark, Porkfish, Sea Cucumbers, Spotted Moray eel, Green Moray eel, Blue Chromis, Basket Starfish and a Lobster. All the students were excited about all the marine life and had a great experience during their certifications. I look forward to seeing you all on a boat in the future!!


Giving new divers great experiences here in Paradise,
Instructor Doug

You too can become an Advanced Open Water Diver. All it takes is to read the class book, get some additional gear (Dive lights, Safety Sausage, Camera and Fish ID slate) and do the 6 required dives. You’ll get to experience a lot of different areas of scuba diving along the way and you may even find something that interests you!! Give me a call today at 954.296.6449 and I can get you started!

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