5.2.10 – Multiple Classes Finished Today!

multiple classesHello everyone.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for Instructor Doug as there have been multiple classes producing 5 Open Water graduates, 1 Advanced Open Water graduate, 3 Rescue Diver graduates and checkout dives for 1 Master Diver candidate and 2 Divemaster candidates! It was great scheduling everyone’s activities and making sure they all accomplished what they need to do. Rescue dives, Divemaster briefings and guided dives, compass navigation and wreck mapping for the Advanced and Master divers and working on Open Water skills kept me (and everyone else!) on their toes. After it was all said and done, everyone was real happy with their experiences and are looking forward to scheduling their next class.

Teaching, teaching, teaching here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

So what are YOU waiting for? Summer is coming and everyone is getting certified now so they can be ready for what looks to be a great dive season! I want to see you in one of my classes SOON! Give me a call at 954.296.6449 and let me schedule a class for you!

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