5 Tips for Diving with Marine Life – Mind Your Manners!

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5 Tips For Diving With Marine Life

As divers, we have the privilege of diving with marine life, but that privilege comes with the responsibility to respect them. Here are some tips that will help you mind your manners.

1.  KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF Most creatures disappear fast if you try 
to touch them, while others like cone shells and sea urchins pack a nasty sting. “Look but don’t touch” is the philosophy to dive by.

2.  DON’T FEED THE FISH Fish feeding may seem like standard operating procedure on snorkel boats, but most divers consider it bad form — not to mention an eel or barracuda might mistake your finger for food.

3.  PLAY HARD TO GET Large animals like dolphins and sharks often approach divers out of curiosity. The key to getting these visitors to stick around is making calm, slow movements so they don’t feel threatened.

4.  LEARN BODY LANGUAGE Alternatively, a shark can sometimes get too curious or defensive toward divers in their space. Keep an eye on their body language: Hunched backs, pectoral fins pointing downward, and fast swimming with quick turns are all signs a shark is getting agitated.

5.  WATCH YOUR FINS Corals, sea fans and sponges are all living marine animals too, and inadvertently kicking them with your fins or crash-landing on them
as you descend can cause irreparable damage.

–from the Scuba Diving Magazine Blog–


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