Checkout dives at Blue Heron Bridge

Hello everyone.
With a full month of no weekend diving due to strong winds and high seas, I elected to take a couple of students to Blue Heron Bridge in order to finish their training. There were about 80 other divers there who had the same idea, yet there was enough room for everyone. I had one Open Water student and one Advanced Adventure student, and it was real easy to coordinate the dives in such a way that all the necessary skills got done.

Over the course of the two dives, we had a stingray encounter, saw a batfish, flounder, hermit crabs, horseshoe crab, a stone crab eating a jellyfish, parrotfish, spadefish, and a lot more. The students performed their tasks well and really enjoyed the variety of life we saw.

So what are YOU waiting for? We dive ALL YEAR LONG here in Florida, so come on down and get in one of my classes! Give me a call at 954.296.6449 or send me an EMAIL and let me schedule a class for you!

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