DiveHeart Disabled Diver Buddy Training

Hello everyone.
This past week I had the privilege of participating in disabled diver training though DiveHeart to be a dive buddy for disabled divers. A very worthwhile experience I must say. The training and education I received during this time really showed me a lot about disabled divers and the challenges they have to overcome in order to participate in a sport that we all love and enjoy.

After 3 nights of classroom training, we went to the Fort Lauderdale Swimming Hall of Fame pool facility for in-water training. We got to experience first-hand what it was like to be a blind diver, a paraplegic diver, an amputee diver and a quadraplegic diver. While I took on each of the roles, my buddy was assisting me both above and below water, then we switched roles. This gave us the opportunity to experience being assisted and doing the assisting. I definitely have a great appreciation for those disabled divers who had strong enough desires to get certified!

If you are interested in DiveHeart and the programs they offer, go to DiveHeart.org to see how they change lives everyday!

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