Guided Dives 9.6.09

Hello everyone!

Today I had the opportunity to do some guided dives for a couple of newly-certified divers, Christine and Brad. Today was to be their first local boat dives since getting certified, and they were both excited and anxious to get in the water and have fun. We went out on “Scubatyme III” and Enzo, Captain Dave, and Amanda all treated us very well. We did two drift dives – “Anglin’ Pier Reef” and “Radical Rubble Reef” and, although the skies were gray up top, the scenery was beautiful down below. We even had a very curious French angel come over to play with us!! We saw lots of Angelfish, Grunts, Jellyfish, Arrow Crabs and Chromis. Very small current on both dives, visibility was around 50ft and bottom temp was around 82 degrees.

A beautiful couple of guided dives and a very relaxing day!

If you are looking for guided dives, call me at 954.296.6449 or !!

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