3.20.10 – Dive Guide for the Day

guided divesHello everyone.

Saturday March 20th finds Instructor Doug out on Scubatyme Charters“Scubatyme III” with Melissa and Amber who came down from Michigan to go diving. I am acting as dive guide for Amber today as she has never been diving in the ocean before. It’s a beautiful day out and the ocean is nearly flat as Captain Dave and Divemaster Enzo get us underway and headed for the first of our two divesites for the morning. Captain Bob made a guest appearance as well, out to get some “bugs” before the season ends.

I get busy getting Melissa and Amber to get their gear set up and provide any assistance if they need it. After that is done, I give them a briefing on how wreck and drift diving is done around here, and answer any questions they may have. In no time at all we arrive at our first dive site, “The Tracy”, a nice-sized wreck with plenty of large areas to swim through. Melissa has her camera with her and we all go looking for things to photograph. We take a nice leisurely tour around the wreck and we see a Barracuda in the wheelhouse, a Sea Urchin on the deck and a Scorpionfish trying to blend in with the growth along the railings. After that, it’s time to head back to the line and begin our ascent to our safety stop, and then back to the boat.

Back on the boat we talk about how the dive went and what everyone saw, and then we begin to switch our gear over for our next dive, a drift dive along “Anglin’ Pier Reef”. After we jump in and head for the bottom, we determine the current direction and begin drifting along the reef. Since the sun was out, we got to see a lot of color on the reef and there were plenty of Grunts, Squirrelfish, some juvenile Hogfish, a Channel Crab and one huge Lobster. It was a very pretty and relaxing dive and, way too soon, it is time to begin our ascent to our safety stop and then the dive boat.


Two very nice dives with two very nice girls here in Paradise.

Instructor Doug

Don’t Forget! If YOU need a dive guide for your next dive adventure, give me a call at 954.296.6449 and I’ll be happy to arrange a guided trip for you!

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