6.18.10 – Dive Guide For The Day

dive guideHello everyone.

Today I changed hats a bit to be a Dive Guide for a couple of certified divers from NY who hadn’t been in the water very much. They were very interested in seeing what kinds of dives they could do here and having someone show them around a bit. The weather continues to be beautiful with flat seas and sunny skies, and once again we were aboard Scubatyme ChartersScubatyme III as we headed out to do a favorite local wreck, the “Sea Emperor”. After briefing the divers on what we were planning to do, we got geared up and headed down to the wreck. They had a blast interacting with all of the resident animals and fish and were very excited when they came back up after the dive. We then headed over to a nearby reef for some “drift” diving and got to see more great animals and fish.


Getting wet whichever way I can here in Paradise,

Instructor Doug

So what are YOU waiting for? We dive ALL YEAR LONG here in Florida, so come on down and get in one of my classes! Give me a call at 954.296.6449 or send me an EMAIL and let me schedule a class for you!

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