The Independence Day Triathlon is a much-anticipated race every year.  It’s local, so no overnight travel, and no waking up at the “crack of dawn” either.

Race Day

We arrive at the race venue – Tradewinds Park – at 5:30am. Parking was easy and we head to check-in to get our chips and body markings.  After that, we’re off to get our bikes racked in the transition area, and set up our gear.  Done with that, we head out to scout out the swim and run courses, and run into fellow tri club members.

It’s barely light out when the swim waves start up, elite racers first followed by the age groups.  It’s a very calm lake and the course is fairly easy to follow.  I find myself catching up to previous waves and manage a good swim leg.  It’s a long run from the swim exit to the transition area, where I grab my helmet and bike shoes and bike.  Running out to the bike mounting area, I wonder where I am in my age group. 

The bike segment was really smooth and all inside the park so no car traffic.  After two bike loops, I’m back at the bike dismount area and running into transition again.  I ditch my helmet, bike shoes and bike and quickly get my running shoes and hat on, and I’m off on the run.

The run segment was good but there was a hint of rain at the start.  That was welcome, as it was starting to get warm out.  Unfortunately, the rain didn’t last the whole run, and the sun was beating down on the end of the run. Plenty of hydration and pouring water on my head managed to get me through! 

Post-Race Party

As it turns out, I ended up in 3rd place in my age group!  So we hung around waiting for the medal ceremony, had some food, and socialized a bit. It was a great event. I recommend the Independence Day Triathlon race highly if you’re looking for a good sprint triathlon to do!

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