Run for Pizza 2020

Run for Pizza 2020 was a fun & goofy race for us. Sponsored by a running club in Delray Beach, it was an easy 5k run through scenic neighborhoods. Of course the reward at the end of the race was PIZZA!

These local 5k races depend on the running community for their survival, so it’s nice to take a break from all the long-course training and just go out and run a bit. The weather was beautiful and Terri and I sure had a blast. We met a lot of nice people, saw some pretty sights and ATE PIZZA!

Sea, we get to enjoy the beach and ocean views along A1A.  Before long, the last leg to the finish is visible and I’m able to kick into gear to reach the finish line!

Overall Comments

We loved doing the Run for Pizza 2020! Well organized, great volunteers, live music and did I mention PIZZA? Highly recommended! If you have any fun local 5k races in your home town, get out and support them (and let us hear about them below)!