living life from a bagIt occurred to me the other day, just how much time I spend living life from a bag.  Between tri bags, gym bags, camera bags and dive bags, it seems I’m always packing or unpacking something.  I guess this is a good thing, since it means I’m active and doing all the activities I can.  

Developing a system

One of the things I’ve developed through all this life from a bag, is a good system for packing.  As a diver, we’re taught the “First in, Last out” rule of packing dive gear.  In other words, the first thing you put in your bag is going to be the last thing out because of everything else piled on it.  So I’ve applied to same principal to all my other bag activities.  Some days my tri bag has to accommodate several activities, sometimes not.  If you pack in the reverse order you intend to use each item, it’ll be easier to find things later.

Here’s a typical weekday workout packing scenario:

3RD LAYER (top of bag) – work necessities (extra shirt, hat, food, etc)

2ND LAYER (middle of bag) – workout clothes and accessories (dependent upon workout plan for the day)

1ST LAYER (bottom of bag) – sandals, clean clothes, travel bathroom kit, towel

Work the system

So living life from a bag doesn’t have to be difficult.  With a  simple packing plan in place, everything is accessible when you need it, at the time you need it.  This plan can be used no matter what bag you’re using, whether its a tri/gym bag, dive bag, camera bag or suitcase.  As athletes, we spend a lot of time with bags of one sort or another, might as well make it easy and enjoyable too!